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Mazda RX-7 FD3S


1991.12 : Mazda announced the released of the Enfini RX-7 (FD-3S). The RX-7 is powered by the improved 654cc x 2-rotors sequential twin-turbo 13B rotary engine with intercooler that makes 255 horsepower and 30.0kg-m of torque. The 13B rotary engine is mounted 50mm lower in order to lower the center of gravity. To improve the handling performance, the RX-7 adopts all aluminum double wishbone suspension and 225/50R16 tires. And ideal front and rear weight distribution [ 50:50 ] is realized.

1992.10 : The limited edition RX-7 type RZ 1st version, based on the type R, was introduced. It has decreased weight by changing its equipment by 30kg. The features of the RX-7 type RZ are exclusive dampers, P-ZERO tires, and RECARO seats (2 seater). Exporting JDM car
1993.08 : There were some changes. The suspension have been improved.
1993.10 : The limited edition RX-7 type RZ 2nd version, based on the type R, was introduced. The features of the RX-7 type RZ are BILSTEIN dampers, Bridgestone S-07 tires, BBS alloy wheels, and RECARO seats.


1995.03 : There were some minor changes, with type RZ and type R Bathurst added to the RX-7 line-up. The RX-7 is equipped with large size disc brakes for 17 inches alloy wheels.
1995.07 : The RX-7 type R Bathurst-X features including leather seats,gun metallic alloy wheels, and limited stickers.
1996.01 : The 13B rotary engine of the manual transmission model has been improved by having improved the aspiration efficiency and by enlarging the air intake, and produces 265 horsepower. The final gear ratio of the RS has been changed from 4.100 to 4.300. Moreover, all models adopts the new style taillights, large size rear spoiler (except the RB), and new gauge cluster with green lights.
1997.01 : The limited edition RX-7 type RB Bathurst-X was introduced. It is based on the Type RB, and it is equipped with red leather seats.
1997.10 : Mazda introduced a limited edition RX-7 Type RS-R in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the rotary engine. The RX-7 type RS-R, based on the type RZ, features an exclusive BILSTEIN dampers, gun metallic alloy wheels, and high performance tires.
1998. 12 : The 13B rotary engine of the type RS and type R provides 280 horsepower by enhanced turbocharger efficiency and improved cooling performance. The light-weight type R has achieved a power-to-weight ratio of 4.5kg/PS. The suspension has been improved to maximize the driving performance. The type RS adopts single-cylinder dampers jointly developed with BILSTEIN of Germany.


2000.10 : The RX-7 type RZ, performance-enhanced limited edition of the RX-7, features including a NARDI steering wheel, RECARO red full bucket seats, BILSTEIN exclusive suspension, and BBS alloy wheels. These and other enhancements reduce the overall weight of the Type RZ by approximately 10kg, and the type RZ has achieved a power-to-weight ratio of 4.54kg/PS.
2001.01 : The type R Bathurst, based on the Type R, was introduced. The type R Bathurst is equipped with height adjustable dampers and fog lamps. The name BATHURST was chosen to commemorate the Bathurst 12-hour car race in Australia, where the RX-7 was victorious for three consecutive years (1992-1994).
2002.03 : As the final limited-production series of the RX-7, the Spirit R series was introduced in Japan. The Spirit R type-A is a two-seater model fitted with the RECARO exclusive red full bucket seats, and the Sprit R type-B is fitted with leather seats. All three models are equipped with common interior and exterior features, such as BBS 17 inch wheels, red brake calipers, interior panels with a special soft coating, and special emblems.





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