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Nissan Silvia S13 & 180SX


In 1988, Nissan announced the release of 5th generation Silvia.
This is S13 Silvia and the Silvia that has beautiful coupe body line was gained many fans, especially among young people. Also FR ( front engine rear drive ) drive system gained great popularity.
The first S13 Silvia had 1800cc CA18DE NA engine (135PS) and CA18DET turbo engine (175PS). Then, in 1991, S13 Silvia got 2000cc SR20DE NA engine (140PS) and SR20DET turbo engine ( 205PS) and engine power has been increased. Suspension system adopted new developed rear multilink suspension.

1988. 7 Autech Japan released Silvia Convertible that remodeled S13 Silvia Kfs.
1988.11 KH3 Super-Black color was added.
1990. 2 Silvia added Dia Selection series. It comes with auto air conditioner, alloy wheels, CD player, projector headlights, a rear spoiler, super fine coating, exclusive emblems and moldings. Also, leather version ( leather seats, steering, shift knob) was added as option.
1991. 1 S13 Silvia got major upgrades. The engine has been changed to SR20DET and SR20DE. And 4WS (four wheel steering system ) HICAS II evolved to SUPER HICAS. Also, 205/60-15 tire was adopted. Also headlights, a rear spoiler, and alloy wheels design have been changed.
1992.1 Club Selection and Qfs SC grade are added. They had silver-polish alloy wheels.
After that, Silvia Qfs2 (1992.5) that has exclusive interior and Silvia Almighty (1992.12) that adds manual air conditioner, alloy wheels, power window, cassette player, and colored door mirrors to Jfs grade were added to Silvia line.

180SX RS13/KRS13, RPS13/KPRS13

3-door hatchback coupe which shared a platform with S13 Silvia is Nissan 180SX.
180SX which has retractable headlights (pop-up headlights) achieves superior aerodynamics performance of Cd 0.3 by smooth and beautiful styling. 180SX has with CA18DET 1.8L DOHC 16valve turbo engine (early model) and multilink rear suspension with viscus LSD. And 180SX also offer HICAS II and ABS as option parts.
In 1991, 180SX got SR20DET turbo engine ( 205PS).
Although production of S13 Silvia is discontinued in 1993, 180SX was produced until 1998 without changing basic design.


 nissan silvia S13

nissan 180SX
Model Silvia K's
Vehicles Form E-PS13
Body Size (mm)
Wheel Base (mm) 2475
Track (FR/RR) 1465/1460
Weight (kg) 1150
Engine Form SR20DET
Engine Type L4 DOHC turbo
Displacement (cc) 1998
Bore x Stroke mm 86.0 x 86.0
Horsepower (ps/rpm) 205/6000
Torque (kgm/rpm) 28.0/4000
Transmission 5MT
Brakes (Fr / Rr) V-Discs/Discs
Wheels (Fr / Rr) 15in
Suspension Fr Strut
Suspension Rr Multilink
Nissan S13 SilviaNissan S13 SilviaNissan S13 SilviaNissan S13 SilviaNissan 180SXNissan 180SXNissan 180SXNissan 180SX



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