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Nissan Skyline GT-R BNR32


1989.08 : In the Skyline range the most powerful GT-R model was revived after a 16 year break (R-32). Since the first generation PGC10 model was launched in 1969, the Skyline GT-R has established a brilliant record of success in numerous motor sport events as a high-performance machine representative of Japanese automotive technology.
The powertrain feature of GT-R is a RB26DETT 2.6-liter IL6 DOHC with twin ceramic turbocharges and an intercooler, ATTESA ET-S which controls all wheel drive systems electronically and HICAS four wheel steering system. The ATTESA ET-S optimally controls the torque distribution to the front and rear wheels according to the driving conditions. It significantly improves vehicle controllability while cornering.
Yaw rate feedback control had been adopted to the phase reversal control procedure in Nissan's Super HICAS four-wheel steering system. This control procedure enhances vehicle stability on rough roads and when traveling at high speed.
The bonnet and front fenders were made of aluminum, achieving a weight reduction of approximately 12kg compared with panels made of steel. At the rear a large-sized spoiler to provide down force at high speed was fitted.

1990.02 : Nissan announced the release of the limited edition Skyline GT-R Nismo with the purpose of participating in the JTC Group A (Japan Touringcar Championship ). Engine durability and reliability have been improved by adopting the metal TO4B turbine instead of the ceramic TO3 turbine. The Skyline GT-R Nismo is equipped with a front bumper with air intake, a hood top mold, a small rear spoiler under its stock rear spoiler, and Nismo stickers. ABS, air conditioner, audio, and rear wiper have been removed to reduce weight.

1991.07 : The Skyline GT-R N1 was introduced. The Skyline GT-R N1 is a competition base model, and ABS, air conditioner, audio, and rear wiper have been removed to reduce weight.

1991.08 : There were some minor changes. Side door beams, an SRS airbag (optional), seat belt alarm lamp, and a steering wheel pad are added to passenger safety.

1993.02 : The Skyline GT-R Vspec was added to the Skyline GT-R line-up. The Skyline GT-R Vspec features BBS alloy wheels, 225/50R17 POTENZA RE010 tires, and Brembo calipers and brakes.The Skyline GT-R and Vspec adopt the pull type clutch, and synchronized of its transmission has been improved.

1994.02 : The Skyline GT-R Vspec 2 was introduced. The Skyline GT-R Vspec 2 adopts 245/45ZR17 POTENZA RE010 tires.





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