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Toyota Starlet

KP40 Starlet 1973-1978 : In 1973, Toyota released the Publica-Starlet as a coupe model of the Toyota Publica. There were three engines ; a 2K 1000cc engine, a 3K 1200cc engine and a 3K-B/3KBR 1200cc twin cab engine.

KP61 Starlet 1978-1984 : The Starlet got the 3/5 door hatch back body on February, 1978. The engine is a stroke-upped 4K-U 1290cc engine that makes 72 horsepower. And it employed front disc brakes and rack & pinion type steering gear. In 1982, the 4K-EU engine with EFI model is added.

EP71 Starlet 1984-1989 : In 1984, the EP71 Starlet was introduced, and the EP71 Starlet adopted front wheel drive (FF). In 1986, the Starlet Turbo-S was added to the Starlet line-up. The Starlet Turbo-S is powered by the 2E multi-valve 1300cc turbocharged engine with intercooler that makes 91 horsepower. In 1987, horsepower of the Starlet Turbo-S is increased to 93 horsepower.

EP82 1989-1995 : The EP82 Starlet was introduced on December, 1989. The EP82 Starlet turbo GT is powered by the 4E -FTE DOHC 16 valve 1331cc turbocharged engine that makes 135 horsepower. And it is equipped with front and rear disc brakes.

EP91 1995-1999 : The EP91 Starlet which adopted the GOA body was introduced on December, 1995. The EP91 Starlet Granza V is powered by the 4E-FTE DOHC 16 1331cc turbo engine that makes 135 horsepower. And the Starlet Granza V is equipped with front fog lights, front spoiler, rear spoiler, SRS air bags, ABS, AC, power window (option/excellent-p : standard), center door lock (option/excellent-p standard) and UV cut glass (option/excellent-p standard).


 toyota stralet

toyota starlet

toyota stralet
Model Starlet Granza V
Vehicles Form E-EP91
Body Size (mm)
Indoorsize (mm)
Track (F/R) 1400/1395
Wheel Base (mm) 2300
Weight (kg) 950
Engine Form 4E-FTE
Engine Type DOHC 16valve
IC Turbo
Displacement (cc) 1331
Bore x Stroke -
Compression ratio 8.2
Horsepower (ps/rpm) 135/6400
Torque (kgm/rpm) 16.0/4800
Transmission 5MT/4AT
Brakes (F/R) V-discs/discs
Suspension (F/R) Strut coil / Trailing
Twistbeam coil
Powerweight ratio (kg/ps) 7
Tyres (F/R) 185/55R14



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1602-8 Tomitsuka Naka Hamamatsu Shizuoka Japan